5 Reasons Why to Consider 1 Bedroom over Yonkers studio apartments for rent?

COVID-19 has set the trend for living a minimalist style, even among millennials who aren’t really interested in making a long-term investment like buying a house. However, if you are looking for Yonkers studio apartments for rent, instead you should go with 1 BR which has been a deal-breaker for this group of renters. 

When they first came out, 1BR apartments were a popular way to live in other countries. Now, millennials like them because they are simple and small. It’s easy to see, especially in cities like Yonkers. Today, freelancers, small families, and corporate professionals who work in more than one city often choose 1BRs than Yonkers studio apartments for ren

What is a 1 BR Apartment?

The bedroom is the primary distinction between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment. You also get a few more walls and a clear division of spaces. Your living room, bedroom, and kitchen are clearly separated. You may also have additional closets and a dining area.

A one-square bed’s footage has a reasonable range. Smaller one-bedroom apartments can be as large as a large studio. Even with the same square footage, a one-bedroom can feel larger because you’re not looking at all of your space in one place.

Who Should Think About Renting A 1 BR apartment?

A one-bedroom apartment provides you with the dedicated space of both a bedroom and a living area. Because there is a door between rooms, it provides more privacy overall. This is especially important if you have friends or family visiting, crashing on the couch, or if you need to get away from your live-in partner.

What Is The Difference Between A One-Bedroom And A Studio Apartment?

Some people use the terms “1 BHK” and “studio apartment” interchangeably, and they can mean the same thing. But there is a small difference between the two. A one-bedroom, one-bathroom unit has a room, a kitchen, a hallway, and a bathroom. Each of these has a very clear line between it and the other rooms. A studio apartment is one room with an open floor plan. The person who lives there will have to figure out how to use the space in the room to meet their needs.

Benefits of Yonkers One Bedroom Apartments for Rent

One-bedroom apartments are ideal for single people, but they can also be suitable for some couples. Even so, many singles and couples are captivated by the prospect of adding an extra bedroom or two. In reality, sticking to a one-bedroom apartment when that’s all you need is the wise decision, and here’s why:

  • Reasonable Prices

When you don’t need an extra bedroom, it’s more cost effective not to have one. After all, most people who only require one bedroom can store all of their belongings in the space of a one-bedroom apartment. A second bedroom would simply create more space for things you don’t likely need. Use the money you save by renting a one-bedroom apartment for something else you want.

  • More Secure

If you intend to live alone, the more space you have, the more likely you will be concerned about intruders and other things that “go bump in the night.” If you don’t require the extra space, save yourself the worry and trouble and stick with a one bedroom.

  • Not Like A Studio

Finally, whether you’re a single person or a couple in a one-bedroom apartment, you can be thankful that you’re not living in a studio. Though studio apartments can be useful in certain situations, living within three feet of your stove and kitchen garbage is probably not your idea of a comfortable living space. Waterford Townhomes’ one-bedroom apartments for rent are the ideal solution.

How to Make Most of Your 1 Bedroom Apartment?

  • Color Scheme

When selecting colors for your one-bedroom apartment, try to stick to light colors that will open up space. Rich and dark colors have the effect of making the entire apartment appear small and cramped. If you want to add some dark shades, choose a color that contrasts with the wall color. The use of appropriate lighting can also improve the appearance of wall colors.

  • Intelligent Storage

Make use of all of the shelves and storage spaces that come with your apartment. This can eliminate the need for additional storage spaces that make the room feel claustrophobic. Well-utilized stackable storage in the kitchen and bedroom can provide plenty of breathing space while also highlighting the apartment’s size.

  • Floating Floors

You’re often limited to standard designs and decorations in a pre-built one-bedroom apartment. Buying a rug or carpet that matches your wall color will give your apartment a great vibe.

  • Furniture Positioning

Imagine your apartment’s living space without any furniture to get ideas for furniture placement. This will assist you in thinking beyond your current furniture arrangement. First and foremost, determine whether the room is large enough to be divided into zones that will provide more functional spaces. Then begin arranging your furniture in accordance with your creative ideas.

  • Invest in Dual Purpose Furniture

Every inch counts when it comes to decorating your one-bedroom apartment. Investing in dual-purpose furniture can typically save space. Make sure to select pieces of furniture that are appropriate in size and color for your room.

  • Hidden Storage

All of your household items can be stored in places that are hidden from view. A beautifully skirted table with shelves can conceal many items that would be overwhelming if they were placed above the table. A table near the dining room can hold extras from the dining room. You can even hide extra shoes, handbags, and other items if the table is placed in the living room.

Good Choice For People Who Are Always On The Go

Most people think of millennials as a generation that is always on the move, and moving for a job is a common reason for this. So, 1 bedroom apartments are a good place for them to put their money. Aside from these types of jobs, there are others that require people to be in different cities every week. Booking and staying in a hotel every week can be expensive and inconvenient. For this dedicated group of end users, studio apartments are the best choice.

One bedroom apartments are also thought of as homes that are good for the environment. Being small makes it easier to keep the right temperature in both winter and summer. So, using less electricity means putting out less carbon. Millennials are worried about climate change, and if they can live in a space that helps save the environment in a big way, they are more likely to choose studio apartments as their home.

Miroza Rentals‘ one bedroom apartment is the best choice because it is both cheap and flexible. With the help of different home design tips, you can decorate your apartment to make it your own. 

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