Houses For Rent In Yonkers NY: Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

If you are not ready to join the marketplace, your renting experience might turn out to be a nightmare. Everybody who wishes to get houses for rent in yonkers NY without having to cope with scammers and their nasty plans should have a basic understanding of fraudsters and their strategies.

We’ve put up a comprehensive list of suggestions to educate you on how to recognize a rental fraudster when looking for the appropriate location, and we’re prepared to turn you into a true homegrown renting master.

  1. Starting with cash is a bad idea

Dealing with cash solely is the most common method of carrying out shady money transactions. The fact that genuine dollars cannot be tracked is one of the many reasons why fraudsters like to deal with them.

Therefore, when you’ve paid them for a nice warm apartment, they possess all the time in the globe to steal your money.

A fraudster would constantly demand cash payments and would just move onto another candidate if you reject.

Every time keep in mind that cash or electronic payments must never be used for things like paying the last month in advance and a security deposit. They are frequently involved in renting frauds.

  1. Never rent a home without first inspecting it

Before signing the contract, every renter must inspect the property they want to rent, and if your homeowner makes reasons for why this isn’t feasible yet, you must be cautious of interacting with them.

Any property manager or landlord who intends to rent out the property is typically willing to show it and certify that it matches the photos on their webpage. This is why, before taking any further action, we urge that you plan an open house tour and assess the real property status.

This also applies to people looking to rent a property in a different town while preparing to relocate. In general, even in this circumstance, you must make sure that a buddy, member of the family, or trustee visits the landlord’s apartment and inspects it.

Given the fact that many fraudsters have entrance to the real estate, asking for a house tour is a significant move towards a completely transparent renting procedure and a solid strategy to safeguard yourself from numerous scams.

  1. Always sign a lease in writing

Even though the owner is someone you trust completely, the only type of contract you must always accept is a signed one. The reason for this is that, while oral contracts are lawful in many areas, they are challenging to deal with in the event of any issues or conflicts. An oral contract would become a major hassle if you choose to obtain legal advice or carry your matter to trial.

Every lease agreement must be signed by both the landlord and the tenant.

If you choose to engage with a tangible agreement, you must ensure that:

  • That homeowner also signs the copy; the ideal method to do so is to sign the contract in front of each other as soon as you agree to rent the apartment.
  • A physical copy of the contract will be sent to you.

These two fundamental guidelines must make your life much simpler and safer, however, there is one further point about contracts and documentation that we would go over more thoroughly.

  1. Confirm who’s the property’s owner

You must get evidence of possession, like a title deed, before finalizing the leasing contract. This would assist you in realizing that this is a legitimate arrangement and that you’re working with someone who has all of the necessary permissions to rent out the property.

Beware of anybody who claims to be able to provide you evidence of possession after finalizing a contract or collecting a deposit; a true homeowner does not need to hide these documents from you.

If the title document and the identity on it do not match the homeowner’s name, you must either be extremely cautious or avoid leasing this apartment altogether.

  1. Double-check that your lease includes the owner’s name

To verify that the apartment is legitimately leased out, your rental contract must include the identity of the real homeowner. Anybody representing themselves as a trustee or claiming to operate on behalf of the homeowner must have documentation to back up their claims.

This, incidentally, is also applicable when the records show that the apartment has dual owners. In this scenario, you must request a formal statement from the 2nd owner saying that they are aware of the rental procedure and have approved the rental contract.

  1. Watch out for the middleman fraud

Among the most prevalent scams is the middleman scam, which can be found on platforms such as Craigslist as well as other advertising websites.

Essentially, you stumble across this wonderful ad for a lovely location, and the pricing appears to be extremely affordable. When you contact, the individual on the other end of the line informs you that they are the person in charge of the estate for the homeowners.

The apartment is generally legitimate, although they don’t have rights to it. Rather, scammers locate the property on another real estate site, copy the photos and description, then paste the information into a Craigslist post.

They insisted on receiving the security deposit, the initial month’s rent, as well as any additional payments that seemed fair up ahead, and then just vanished with your cash.

  1. Do your homework

The wonderful aspect regarding the Web is that it doesn’t ever forget and that there are platforms, chat rooms, and Network sites where anyone can share their thoughts on anything.

So, before renting an apartment from somebody, ensure that you do your research and conduct some simple online inquiries. You may start by looking up the homeowner’s identity, apartment location, and email address.

You must also use TinEye’s or Google’s reverse picture search when looking for a home to rent. You may save a snapshot of the apartment and use it to look for similar or identical properties. Fraudsters just copy the photographs of existing properties and publish them on multiple portals, so you can find the same location posted in a distinct town or even nation.


We attempted to compile the most comprehensive list of suggestions that can save you from rental frauds and discover your ideal home with minimal effort. Fortunately, this is as much of the data you’ll require for your rental trip, and it’ll keep you safe from fraudsters.

Nevertheless, even the most meticulous people might overlook a detail and fall prey to a rental scam.

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