Is Yonkers The Best Place To Live?

Are you looking for an apartment for rent in Yonkers? In this blog post, we will read about whether Yonkers is the best place to live. Let’s begin.

Yonkers: An Overview

Yonkers is New York’s fourth most populated city. The city had around 200,000 people in 2016 and is situated north of Manhattan and the Bronx. Most of the city’s businesses and government offices are concentrated downtown. The city is considered a New York City suburb because it is located right next to the Hudson River. Yonkers, also known as the “city of seven hills,” is a viable option for anyone relocating to New York.

Is Yonkers, New York An Excellent Place to Live?

Yonkers is a city of incredible diversity in terms of race and income. The neighborhoods are distinct and culturally unique. Yonkers’ schools are excellent, with high graduation rates. Property taxes and prices are low, particularly when compared to neighboring cities. The transportation system in and out of the city is excellent.

Moving to Yonkers offers a different life to most New Yorkers. Yonkers is an affordable and convenient place to live. Most services available in New York can be obtained at a lower cost. Yonkers also has many great waterfront properties for people of all income levels. The city is very livable because of its excellent schools and lovely neighborhoods. Also, the recent population boom shows a lot of job opportunities in the city.

Crime Rate in Yonkers

Yonkers has a crime rate that makes it one of the safer areas in New York. There are approximately 14 crimes per 1000 residents in the city, and your chances of becoming a victim of a crime are one in 72. Yonkers has a crime rate 25% lower than the New York average and 49% lower than the national average. Violent crimes are the most common in the city, with property crimes trailing behind. Despite the high level of crime, extra security measures and valuables insurance are recommended.

Schools in Yonkers

Yonkers Public Schools manage the city’s public school system. There are approximately 50 elementary and high schools in the public school district. There are also private schools, the majority of which are affiliated with religious organizations, including Seminary Academy for Jewish Religion, Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological, and St. Peter’s Catholic Elementary School. Sarah Lawrence College is the most prominent institution of higher learning in Yonkers. Westchester Community College has several campuses throughout the city, the largest of which is located in the city’s largest shopping center. The Yonkers Public Library is in charge of the city’s libraries.

Transportation in Yonkers

Yonkers has one of the highest rates of public transportation use in the country, as more than a quarter of Yonkers residents do not own a car. Buses are a primary mode of public transportation in Yonkers. The Bee Line Bus Service, one of the state’s major bus systems, is the leading bus service in Yonkers. The MTA Bus Company also provides express buses from Yonkers to Manhattan. The train system is also a popular mode of transportation. Two train lines serve Yonkers. The first is the Hudson Line Metro-North Railroad, which provides passenger service to New York City, while the national Amtrak line is the other option. LimeBike also operates a bike-share program in Yonkers.

Vibrant and Cultural Scene

Yonkers’ social and cultural scene is thriving. There are racetracks, casinos, fine dining establishments, and shopping malls like Yonkers Raceway and the Empire City Casino. If you prefer the nightlife social scene, there are numerous bars and nightclubs. If you enjoy the great outdoors, Yonkers does not disappoint. Yonkers has many parks for biking and hiking, such as Tibbetts Brook Park. Because Yonkers is close to the Hudson River, residents can do things like kayaking and boating.

How Much Does It Cost to Live In Yonkers, New York?

This city’s cost of living is 28% higher than the state average and 51% higher than the national average. Most living expenses in Yonkers are for goods, services, and housing. Transportation, utilities, and healthcare are all more expensive than the national average.

Is it a Good Place to Raise A Family in Yonkers?

Yonkers is an excellent place to raise a family. You can find it apt for raising your family in every way. There are good schools for your children’s education and plenty of open spaces to keep them active and healthy. The security level is moderate so that you can be confident in your family’s safety. 

Renting an Apartment in Yonkers

Finding a rental apartment in Yonkers can be difficult, especially if you have no idea what makes an apartment desirable. Although you can find many options, you must look for one that provides amenities, is in a good location, and is budget-friendly. 

Moving into an apartment and settling in are two completely different things. While you can sign the lease and move into the Yonkers apartment, you will require a few essential items to begin living comfortably there. Basic furniture, cleaning supplies, toiletries, food, and other necessities will need to be provided.

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