Live In Westchester Luxury Apartments with City-Life Convenience

Are you looking for luxury apartments for rent in Westchester NY? Wondering where you can find the finest Westchester luxury apartments for rent. If that’s the case, then your search ends right here.

Miroza apartments for Rent in Westchester NY are the true definition of luxury. From the location to amenities offered, to the quality of construction and whatnot, everything comes together with Miroza.

Let’s take a look at some of the aspects that make these Westchester apartments the best:

Scenic location

Miroza rental apartments are perched atop one of the seven hills of Yonkers. This makes it one of the best located rental buildings in the entire region.

The fact that many of their rental apartments have open spaces makes them even more desirable. Step out from your apartment to glance at the serenity of nature. Nowhere else can you expect to experience such luxuries living!

Access to the famous shopping center 

The popular Ridge Hill Shopping Center, which is home to shopping stores like Apple, H&M, and more is just steps away from Miroza apartments for rent in Westchester NY.

Whether you want to go on a shopping spree, or just want to step out for some window shopping, you will never run out of options.

City life is just a quick ride away

Miroza is just 30 minutes from downtown Manhattan. Also, Downtown Yonkers is just a quick ride away. You can quickly get surrounded by city life whenever you feel the need to go out.

Restaurants, galleries, boutiques, and scenic waterfront – everything is a few minutes away.

Wellness services

Bringing luxury within your reach, you will no longer have to step out of your building to get services like spa, swimming instructor, sauna, personal training, and even massage. Miroza apartments for rent in Westchester provide you access to all of this within the building.

Everything that you need to lead a healthy and happy life is provided within the building.

Sports and recreational facilities 

There are a plethora of recreational facilities offered in the building as well. This includes an indoor basketball court, an all-weather pool, a dedicated multi-level recreational facility, patio and lounge bar, running track, screening room as well as a children’s playroom.

Spend some quality time with friends, your family members and make memories while living in these luxury apartments in Westchester NY.

Stay connected

To make sure that you don’t feel disconnected from the rest of the world, you get a complimentary shuttle service from Miroza to The Metro North, which is just a few minutes away.

Whenever you feel the need to travel or visit any place, you can take this complimentary shuttle and reach the Metro North, and head wherever you want to go.

Can you ask for anything more?

Do you still need more reasons to choose these Westchester apartments for rent?

If yes, then the best idea is to plan a visit to Miroza and take a look at these luxurious Westchester apartments in person. You can schedule a visit online, pick a time of your convenience and get a closer look at these apartments to know what you can get.

So, what’s the wait?

Get ready to experience luxurious living with the convenience of city life in Westchester setting with Miroza. Schedule your visit today!

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