Rent Apartment Yonker- How To Make A Small Apartment More Spacious

A home is always home no matter how small or big it is, but the smartness of the owner is observed as to how he or she treats the apartment.

Many people have to shift to small spaces because of rent issues, budgetary restraints and lack of capital and other direct and indirect problems but what most people do not know is how to make a small space look bigger and yes, it can happen easily does not take any rocket science to do so.

There are sure short ways to make the compressed four walls of your apartment look maximized and this is as innovative as it gets.

We are here to provide you with some useful and smart tips that you can use if you think that the space is small but you just don’t want your guests, relatives and friends to feel the same way.

If you are planning to rent apartment Yonkers, this blog will certainly help you have a third perspective as to how people, when visiting your homes, think about it.


Most people do not know this but color combinations and palettes create a huge impression. So the first tip is not to create a contrast among colors, try painting each wall with a different color, but hey do not use a dark shade, always use a light shade, it will automatically make your apartments look bigger.

Some good color examples are – white, cream and light blue.

Colors will not only help you with the space but will set a vibe for your rent apartment yonkers point of view.

Furniture and Credenzas

Now, this is the next crucial part when you are moving into a new house, buying it or renting it, you want everything to be just perfect because a home is where you live not just a place but an emotion. After colors come the turn of furniture, tables, chairs and sofas and couches.

The tip here is when you are buying tables, always go for skinny legs and glass made structures. Such furniture takes up a lot of space and hence leaves a good illusion of plenty of space for people who are visiting for the first time, even if you know what trick you have just played there. Glass topped tables create a good light flow around the room.

Another pro tip comes for people who are to rent apartment yonkers is to create a contrast between the bedsheets and the wall colors. Yes, it works like magic, you may think that how is it going to make a difference but trust us, we are bound to make your apartment look more spacious and wholesome.

Even if you put similar colored bed sheets in your apartment this will also bring a vibe to the whole place, it’s like people know something better is done and it feels soothing to their eyes but they just can’t figure out why, and yes it’s our little secret.

Put an area rug down that’s smaller than the perimeter of the furniture. Let the sofa hang off the back of the area rug, which will act as an island and focal point for your furniture.


Yes, curtains play a key role in how exactly you want your apartment to look, a good combination of curtains and as much to hype the mood of the place or even kill the whole vibe of the place. One of the pro tips if you are to rent apartment Yonkers try hanging the curtains from the ceiling rather than hanging them up to a window, this simple tip will not only make your apartment look more spacious but give that extra touch of creativity so that the next time someone comes up to your house they observe the detailings.


When we speak of the kitchen space, do not go using tables and working areas to keep utensils and dishes, use walls and bring wall cabinets. This is a neat and clean way of showing how little waste you spread while cooking in the kitchen. Again it gives out an extra space for you to utilize for another thing that you want to add to your kitchen area. When you rent apartment Yonkers all such little detailing is going to add more and more liveliness to your apartments.


Everyone wants to decorate their houses, it sometimes looks like a mandatory thing to do but if you want your house to look more spacious keep it at bay or a minimum, do not go on hanging too many wall paintings or photographs on the living room or in any place of the whole apartment for that matter.

We understand that you like art but it should not take up too much space in the whole apartment.

Clear the Clutter

Many people when visiting someone’s house find so many things on their way, roaming around the apartment itself, promising that when you will rent apartment in Yonkers this will not be the case. It just looks messy to have your apartment filled with so many things, decorative items, closets, and things that just don’t matter to you even if you have kept them anyway. We all have seen such apartments, such ideas make even the spacious rooms more filled and suffocated, so this is not a tip but advice that please do not do that.

The lasting tips would be to use armless chairs and make use of mirrors as much as possible, mirrors bring a positive viewing effect on the whole apartment.

So, at last, all we can say is that having a smaller apartment is not the problem but how you consume it and how you decorate sets the right mood for it. When renting an apartment Yonkers takes care of all the tips and we are sure that nothing like the last living experience will haunt your days and nights anymore.

Best of luck!

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