Choosing The Right Time For Yonkers Apartment Rentals

Yonkers, Westchester’s largest city, has seen a revitalization over the last decade. The once-sleepy Hudson River city with a blue-collar, industrial vibe has seen a surge of development, including new construction and factory conversions to apartments. Because of its proximity to the city, Yonkers is sometimes referred to as the “sixth borough” of New York City. It was once primarily an industrial city, and it was here that the Otis Elevator Company established the world’s first elevator factory. However, that gritty vibe is long gone. In the last ten years, the city’s downtown has changed a lot. Along the waterfront, there is now a new train station, a library, four-star restaurants, and high-end apartments.

People Residing in Yonkers

Yonkers had 195,976 residents as of the 2010 U.S. Census, including 55.8% of white residents, 34.7% of Hispanic or Latino residents, 18.7 percent of African-American residents, 5.9 percent of Asian residents, 0.7 percent of Native Americans, 0.1 percent of Pacific Islanders; 14.7 percent of other races, and 4.1 percent who identified as belonging to two or more races.

Yonkers has a population of close to 200,000 people and is home to more than 100 cultures and nationalities. According to the city’s website, nearly 46% of Yonkers residents speak another language. The city is now home to large African-American, Hispanic, and Irish-American communities. It also has one of the country’s oldest St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Along with a sizeable Slavic population (made up of immigrants from countries like Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Yugoslavia), the area is also home to a sizable population of Italian-Americans, people of Portuguese descent, and an Arab enclave (with folks hailing from Jordan, Palestine, and Lebanon).

Yonkers Apartment Rentals – Things to Consider

People appear to be moving out of the big city and into Yonkers in rental buildings with many amenities. As you approach higher price points, more inventory becomes available.

If you’re looking for Yonkers apartment rentals, you have various housing options. In the 38 distinct neighborhoods of Yonkers, you can find housing options ranging from single-family, multi-family, cooperative apartments, to condominiums.

The following are the aspects you need to consider when looking for Yonkers apartment rentals.

Be Aware Of Your Spending Limits

Recognize your financial capabilities and what your landlord will require of you. For a monthly rent of $3,450, you’d need to make $138,000. Many landlords also require tenants to have good credit and a yearly income that is roughly 40 times the monthly rent. Additionally, if you need a guarantor to co-sign the lease because you don’t make enough money or have bad credit, their income must equal about 80 times the monthly rent. Rent-burdened people are those who pay more than 30% of their income in rent, according to housing policy experts.

Prepare Your Paperwork And Have Some Cash On Hand 

You will need tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs or W2 forms, and a photo ID. Have a copy of the offer letter outlining your salary if you’re starting a new job. Make sure your documents are arranged in a PDF file in a draft email that you can send at any time.

Minutes matter in a competitive rental market; this is a simple way to get an edge.

When you apply for an apartment, you’ll also need enough cash to cover a month’s rent and a security deposit right away.

Be honest when discussing “pain points” like lousy credit.

It is crucial to be honest with your broker and landlord about things like your bad credit and to be prepared to trade. For example, someone with bad or limited credit should be ready to put up four months of rent as a security deposit or pay a big chunk of the rent upfront.

Don’t question what you choose.

Don’t second-guess your decision after passing on your dream home, which is all too common in this area, and signing a lease elsewhere. You’ll just exhaust yourself, so keep in mind that the commitment is only temporary. Even if you don’t end up loving it, the location will give you a base from which to explore and figure out what you want from your next home.

The Ideal Season To Rent An Apartment 

Although you can rent an apartment in Yonkers any time of the year, these are some of the peak seasons. 

  • May to September months have high inventories, which means more options, but they also typically have higher prices and more competition.
  • The low season months (October to April) have very little inventory but generally lower prices and more wiggle room for bargaining.
  • If the apartment has been listed on the market for a while, the landlord is more likely to engage in negotiations.
  • You must be prepared with proof of your income and a deposit or rent payment during months when there is a lot of competition.
  • Gaining access to your ideal apartment requires having a strong credit history.

When Should You Begin Your Apartment Search?

The ideal time to begin looking in Yonkers is about a month before you need to move. Some people make the mistake of looking two to three months in advance, discovering that most landlords won’t lose one or two months of rent while waiting for a new tenant’s lease to start. They prefer a candidate who urgently requires the apartment.

Renting the Luxurious and Affordable Apartment in Yonkers


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