Tips to Make Apartment Rentals in Yonkers Your Dream Home

Finding a luxury apartment rentals in yonkers is one thing; making it your dream home is another. Only some homeowners have what it takes to translate an ordinary rental into a living paradise. To decorate your rental apartment and convert it into the home of your dreams, you need to add your personal touch to it. 

Your home should exude style, warmth, and personality; it should reflect what you stand for. Even if you have plans of moving into another rental a few years down the line, you need to make sure this home feels like yours now.  

How can you offer your Yonkers rental apartment the look and feel of a dream home:

Every one of us has that perfect image of a dream home. For some, it’s a farmhouse or a smart home equipped with state-of-the-art devices and gadgets. Whatever the vision, you can make it a reality by incorporating your ideas and principles. Finding a few easy tips and tricks along the way couldn’t hurt, could it? 

Here’s how you can make your apartment rental in Yonkers a dream home without breaking the bank: 

  • Go for a fresh coat of paint: If you think your Yonker’s rental doesn’t look new and inviting, try giving it a new coat of paint and see the difference. Often paint goes unnoticed, unlike the furniture and upholstery. However, the color of the walls can significantly impact your overall decor and the feel of your new home. Do away with worn-out paintings and make way for more vibrant shades; choose colors in keeping with your mood and preferences.
  • Review fixtures: Small tweaks to home fixtures can make a world of difference to your stay here. Changing old and dated doorknobs, painting the kitchen cabinets, and reshuffling furniture in the living area and bedrooms can give a new look to the whole place. You will see that even a slight rearrangement can make your rooms look more spacious and brighter.
  • Be creative: Let your artistic juices flow to give your apartment the makeover it needs. Art additions rarely go wrong; they can make any ordinary room look more stylish, classy, and visually attractive. Consider using crafts to do up the apartment but make sure not to overdo it. You don’t want the apartment to look messy and cluttered with too many paintings and decorations! Whatever you add to the apartment decor has to be in sync with one another. 
  • Buy indoor plants: Instead of spending exorbitantly on art, consider making things yourself. If the house doesn’t get a lot of natural light, you should opt for indoor plants that can survive in minimal lighting. If the apartment is overlit, you can keep palms and jade which don’t mind the excess sunlight.
  • Redo the light fixtures: You will find a lot of apartments have rather standard boring-looking light fixtures. These are no good in the living room especially if they aren’t stylish or elegant to look at. Replace these right away when you move into your Yonkers apartment.
  • Get rid of the mini blinds: Mini blinds are typical of rental homes and no matter how well they are maintained, they look a tad bent and discolored in different parts. To make your rental look cozier and inviting, consider replacing the blinds with other forms of window covers like fancy drapes and curtains. They look better and keep cracked molding and dampness hidden.
  • Get removable wallpapers: It’s a good idea to use peel-and-stick wallpapers as these are easy to remove. Traditional wallpapers use glue that is practically impossible to get rid of; so ditch these and opt for the latest wallpapers to make rooms look different and exciting.
  • Decorate the walls: The best way to cover up walls is to hang paintings and family pictures and collages. These add a spark to the rooms and make them feel welcoming and warm. Instead of using nails for hanging pictures, use adhesive picture hooks that are capable of doing the same job and don’t leave unsightly marks.
  • Revamp the furniture: When you move into a rental home, you want your furniture and upholstery to look a certain way. When buying tables, for instance, opt for those having glass and skinny legs; these save space and make the room look bigger and brighter. While choosing the upholstery for the rooms, create contrast between the shades on the walls and the bed linen. These easy tricks create the illusion of space and comfort. When something looks soothing to the eye, it makes the entire place look livelier.
  • Remodel the kitchen: Instead of using regular tables or working spaces to store utensils, use cabinets. That keeps the kitchen looking clean and uncluttered at all times. What’s more; you can use the extra space you have now to add new appliances.
  • Keep the rooms uncluttered: When making your dream home, you need to remember that it cannot look messy and cramped. That happens when there are too many things lying around. As you move into your rental apartment in Yonkers, make sure you don’t shift things into it that you do not need. Even if you have a lot of space, it’s better to keep it empty instead of filling it up with unnecessary stuff. You can always add things to it later will complement the overall decor. Excess furniture and decorative items only take up space and make residents and guests feel suffocated.

These are some simple tricks to do up your new rental apartment in Yonkers so that it starts to feel like your dream home. Remember, the idea is not to overdo things or spend a fortune on buying expensive add-ons. Rather, the trick is to arrange things that you have in the best way possible to make your home look warm and inviting. Invest in things that will accentuate the beauty of your home, not make it look unreal and superficial.

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